Saturday, February 23, 2019

NIPPYSKY is an online platform that presents the lifestyle of an Abuja boy, and also gives latest gist.

My name is Lawrence Nippysky Osegbe. The owner and designer of I have a passion for Music, Football, Blogging and looking for trouble. Lol! Stay Tuned.

I was born in Abuja, Nigeria, in the year 1997. I grew up in Garki, Abuja and have lived all my life there. Ever Since i was a kid i had interest in Gadgets and Technology related items. As time Grew the internet took over my life and i picked interest in the World Wide Web and everything related to it, ranging from its design, to it's maintenance.

I studied Electrical Electronics Engineering in Madonna University, Nigeria. Truth be told though, i seem not to be much interested in some of the things related to my course of study. I intended to study Computer Engineering, but couldn't get admission, so i had to apply for another course. All the same, it did not stop my zeal for computer related stuffs and still i'm doing well in Electrical Electronics Engineering.

I am the Second child out of Four lovely children of Mr.&Mrs Alexander Osegbe. My Family are in total support of my dreams as my father always refer to me as Computer Genuis. That alone, makes me want to work Harder.

NIPPYSKY, is my Personal Website/Blog that was created months after i learned web designing,to pass information from various categories to the public. I have a dream for NIPPYSKY to be one of the best Website/Blog with time and Improvement.