Earn Cool Cash: True Fortune Nigeria and how it works.

Earn Cool Cash: True Fortune Nigeria and how it works.

Hello everyone I'm introducing TRUE FORTUNE NIGERIA PLATFORM. It’s a reliable platform Which has been running on a test mode in Nigeria  since November  2016.


True fortune started in Europe by some group of Nigeria student who decided to help one another to tackle the financial issues they are facing as their sponsors in Nigeria couldn’t meet up with most of their financial needs, a group of Europeans financial specialist were consulted to brain storm on existing problems facing schemes like these so that the programmers can effectively create a system that can stand the length of time. The scheme started in Nigeria in November 2016 and it was first lunched among deltans within and outside the state on a WHATSAPP PLATFORM, it successfully managed three whatsapp groups till January when it was lunch in Nigeria on a web base, currently the system has over 8,000 members.


 Register v  Pledge and get matched within 24hrs v  Redeem pledge to the assign member within 24hrs(failure to do that the system automatically deletes you account from the system) v  Upload proof of payment and wait to be confirm by the other member. v  You get matched within 10days. v  Confirmed when paid to. v  Pledge within 24hrs(failure to do that the system automatically deletes your account from the system)   THIS IS HOW IT WORKS.    When you register, you will donate the sum of 20,000.00, 40,000.00 or 100,000.00 to a fellow member assigned to you by the system, the member will then confirm your donation and other registered members would be assigned to pay 150% of the amount you donated into your bank account.   

All TFN donations are made directly to the member’s bank account.    Please note that our Return on Investment is on or before 10days. The system believes in 100% recommitment...as much as those that fail to make their pledges are deleted within 24hrs. Go ahead register and you will get matched to provide help within 12hours. Your GH will be on or before 8working days. Enjoy your true fortunes.    Lastly many will ask that how does the coordinators make their money, my answer is same way as GOOGLE, BLOG OWNERS,YAHOO,INSTAGRAM ETC makes their money and that simply is from your DATA PROVIDERS, and also each coordinator has injected millions of naira into it which is also been recycled to keep the system running.   Yes all thing surely comes to an end but answer me these how will a system in which its members pledge as at when they get paid come to an end.   Invest you spare cash today and within 10days you start trading with that interest.   NOTE. Open only the account you can pledge with continually, multiple accounts that won’t be maintain are not allowed. The penalty when you break this will SHOCK YOU.  


REGISTER TODAY With the link above and get 200% returns valentine promo is on don't miss out.

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