The Madonna Trend. #isthatoneamadonnastudent [music&video].

The Madonna Trend. #isthatoneamadonnastudent [music&video].

The year 2017 has been a great one indeed for madonnites who have taken their time to make sure the greatness of their school is showcased and its prestige to stay a long time. But on a serious note, if you are not a madonna student then you missing a lot.

 Madonna University became more popular this first quater of 2017,with its popular trend #isthatoneamadonnastudent. Other institutions became too jealous they had to start their own trend, but it was no where like that on Madonna.

I love Madonna, and i am a proud madonnite. A song was also released due to this trend, and the song is recieving air play. You can download the song below and here also is a short dance video for the song.



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