A reaction towards the scandal against Madonna University.

A reaction towards the scandal against Madonna University.

It is pertinent to understand that the delegatory action which the supposed individual think will surprise the world and dent the image of this great citadel of learning founded by Very Rev. Fr. Prof. E. M. P Edeh Cssp, OFR has made us understand the fact that he/she is uninformed.

An institution known for its high disciplinary diets and educational standard which cannot be overemphasized on, can never be used to extort nor be a ponzi scheme. Now come to think of it, what do you stand to achieve by trying to destroy the arm that cuddled you through the lane of discipine, education and has shown you love in the aspect of education and care?

You call our chancellor a scam by saying that he is running a ponzi organization in the name of an institution of learning. A man who has fought tooth and nail to alleviate the academic stress of the nation, a man who has a world recognition as a principled priest of the holy ghost congregation, a man whose charity organization and it's activities dumbfounds the world.

6In the vent of helping the refugees in the IDP camp, he gave the UNICEF funds to alleviate their suffering.

This great and super Catholic institution has able lecturers who really know what it means to teach and impact knowledge. You said also that the registrar of the university left without trying to understand that he was on a contract which had elapsed. Now it is left for the school to renew the contract if she wishes. Are you that daft to understand what was happening in the school which you left because you couldn't meet up to the standard needed to be a Madonnite that you write without reasoning?

The council accredits and induct the students. All these because they deem the school worthy and if they need representatives for the departmental accreditation, some students are to represent and not the entire class because you are not going to learn but to let them know that the department has at least students in it.

For crying out loud, if you fail a course, you must rewrite or carry it over until you pass it before graduating. Whoever spills in this wonderful institution is solely because of carry overs and we all know that each department has it's own credit load, why on earth then would you over register courses when you know that it's not allowed?

Please, if you are to write, do so with facts and stop propagating nepotism and ignorance.


  • Job
    Job Monday, 12 June 2017 05:38 Comment Link

    That is true. The motto of our institution is 'Decency in education and morals'. Your moral standard must therefore be high.I was there when the founder gave his contribution to UNICEF to help those who are affected by the insurgency in the North Eastern part of the Country. These shows clearly that the writer has no aorta of truth in his mouth and therefore not qualified to be a Madonna student.

  • mhizsheila
    mhizsheila Monday, 12 June 2017 06:33 Comment Link

    Supported and confirmed please get your facts right before castigating ..Madonna university is a prestigious University and not a scam the students can testify to that.. If you want to be a madonnite prepare to work hard.. There's no one here to give out unmerited certificates nothing Good comes easy so you have to prove your self and get what belongs to you and if you are too lazy to do that please leave and stop tarnishing the image of the school.. Not that you have the power to do that anyway saying

    Proudly Madonnite.. I Love Madonna university!!

  • Joyce
    Joyce Monday, 12 June 2017 07:09 Comment Link

    I solely support this article....i have been hearing rubbish against this school....even though i am in year one i still cant believe the nonsense coming out of our seniours mouth who are suppsoe to know the way the school runs...i still thank you for this article because some people realised that every school has its ups and down....i say to people who keep comppaining if you dont like the school then leave....no one is forcing anyone...but for you to start spreadings bad stories against the school is highly immature and childish...if life gives you lemons you make a lemonade....thank you

  • kelsha juliet
    kelsha juliet Monday, 12 June 2017 08:16 Comment Link

    Pls I beg u in d name of God stop spreading false rumour against my skool. Am currently in d level nd department u mentioned in ur false story nd I tell u DAT dere is nofin of diz nature taking place in ma skool.
    Pls get ur facts right be4 saying tinz lyk diz all to tanish d image of my skool.
    Ma proud to be a Madonna student #peace#

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