4 types of Biafran Agitators.

4 types of Biafran Agitators.

During the course of what is happeneing recently in Nigeria, A certain group who call themselves Biafrans, want to be Indepedent and have their own nation. I noticed that there are four types of Biafrans. Which are:

1. Those abroad who are tired of sending money to dia family dey want civil war so DAT everyone dey send money to back home will die. And dey won't have liability of sending money to anybody.

2. The poor Igbo man who is greedy that his brother is making his business in the north .He /she is agitating for Biafra because he wants his Igbo brother who have made it so big in his business to loose everything he has in d north ...this type of agitators want war so that dey can claim the land or wife of that bussines man who have made it.

3. Those who sale Biafra materials to them the more they agitate for Biafra themore it boost their business in selling Biafra materials. 

4. Thoes who hate APC and the Hausa's dey want noting good to come out of The government.

Mind you that there are also those who are Biafrans by state of origin, but don't want or like the idea of biafra. Some are stil sitting on the fence.

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