4 Productive Things Unemployed Graduates Can Do On Weekends.

4 Productive Things Unemployed Graduates Can Do On Weekends.

Yes!! What NOW!!! that's the questions many graduate especially from Africa ask, in other to find a living after studies. There are ample of things one can engage in to earn little during the weekends, but 4 are listed out below:

Take up weekend jobs

The weekend offers great opportunity to rake in some money. I am not referring to the “popular method of making money among youths”, I mean hardworking methods.

There are several weekend jobs to earn you some cash during the weekends, but the most popular of them is either ushering or catering jobs. There are several parties going on around various states in the country, and all you have to do is to register with several events planning firm. Once an event pops up, they will employ your services.

Learn a new skill during weekends

Depending on what your passion is, the weekend offers you a perfect opportunity to improve yourself and add a new skill to your portfolio. Either you sponsor yourself from money saved, or you request for sponsorship from guardians. Either way, you really need to improve yourself. Instead of having fun during weekends, you can apply these tactics, improve your portfolio, get the desired job, and live the life you want.

Attend Networking Events

There are several networking events to attend during weekends that can give you the opportunity you have been waiting for. The importance of networking to a graduate can never be over-emphasized. You get to meet people, relate with people in your industry, and get connections to jobs you might have an interest in.

The more quality people you know, the more chances you have of meeting people that matters.

Create a Side Hustle from home

It takes discipline, time and skills to start up a side business from home. Depends on the skill you have acquired, working from home during the weekends is a perfect time to utilize your skills without worrying about anything.

During the week, you might have other things to distract you, but the weekends are perfect for achieving goals. There are several side hustles that can help you earn a good living from home, and it boils down to choice. (I am writing about this topic extensively, and you can indicate interest by subscribing to my blog).

Since we are in the digital age, I recommend Online Businesses for starters who have little capital to invest. But remember, that you have to have the skill to carry any of the services online. I always use to weekends to source for clients to engage my writing services on several freelancing sites, and this will keep me occupied for the coming week and more money to my account.

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