Inside Madonna Awards 2017.

Inside Madonna Team, in conjuction with the Madonna Pyramid Association is pleased to announce their very first award ceremony live on campus on the 10th of febuary. many will be awarded based on their marvelous performance and doings for the past year. both based on merits and and votes.


Madonna University Gossip: Best Jogging Exercise 2016.

If i was asked to choose the best campus in Madonna University, Nigeria, without the blink of an eye i would choose the almighty engineering campus located in Akpugo, Enugu State. A land of milk and Honey. Its's the promise land. It is the campus witha difference that differs from the general university difference.


Dear Madonna Students. Life On Campus.

Life on campus is arguably the best part of life an educated human would and should experience. There is a popular saying that University/campus life is the real life because it’s where you get to live with all behaviors and characters on earth. The good the bad and the ugly, even the worst.

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