Video: Offset Caught Cheating on Cardi B.

Offset and is Fiancee Cardi B. Offset and is Fiancee Cardi B.

There is a vidoe going viral that shows Offset cheating on his fiancee, Cardi B with one African American Model. Although this is no new news to Cardi B, sbe dont seem to want to loose offset so soon, so se sent him a warning.



“I let a nigga know though. You do that shit again, you gon’ lose your wife,” said Cardi to a cheering crowd before kicking off a performance of her newest single “Bartier Cardi.” The line was pulled straight out of Beyoncé’s playbook, who warned Jay Z with the same message on Lemonade’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”


Migos was also billed to perform, so there’s little doubt Offset heard her message. His cheating scandal went public earlier this month when his iCloud was hacked, allegedly revealing a September video of him and a naked woman who is said to be popular south African socialite Faith Nketsi in a hotel room. But that’s not all. Earlier this week, 26-year-old model Celine Powell went to Instagram to state that she’s pregnant with Offset’s baby. He and Cardi have since denied the rumors. In an exchange with TMZ, sources close to Cardi B said Offset doesn’t even know Powell.

Cardi also found herself in the spotlight for not good reasons over the weekend. She was surrounded in speculation, as video leaked that is purported to be the beginning of a sex tape featuring the Bronx rapper. In the video, she dances naked in what looks to be a hotel room.


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