The basketball match turned out disappointing for Akpugo team after living less to expectations, with high hopes from the fans due to their rigorous training before the game. On home soil, Okija was the better team. At the first quarter, they were leading the visitors, 27- 23, but after cheer up and support from akpugo fans, with no time, it became a draw with points 27-27. There was hope.

The never give up spirit of Okija team saw them win the game at full time with 11 points gap 51- 39.

The coach and captain of Akpugo, K.D, has promised us a comeback on the return leg on the 16th of June, Saturday.


The Female Team For Both Campuses, played in the evening after their corresponding male teams had played, and just like the males, Okija started off with a good start leading akpugo, 5-0, making it very difficult for the Akpugo team to make the net.

It was only till Akpugo’s captain, Ruby was introduced to the game and gave her team hope with an immediate 3 pointer, shortly after she entered the game.

The game continued in good pace, but the speed, strength and tactics of the okija team, made them victorious at the end winning the visitors, 28-18 points.



Elele male basketball team were victors on away ground as the won Osisatech 73-36 points on away ground. They are always considered the best basketball team for the tournament.

Just as the Male Team, Elele female team also won Osisateh female team 73-11, a very large gap, that sees elele victors.

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