Capmigha, which is an annual sporting competition that usually takes place in Madonna University started its 2018 edition on the 9th of June 2018. The first set of games was between OKija Campus vs Akpugo campus and then Osisatech vs Elele Campus, leaving caritas at the top due to the fact that they are the defending champions.

Below are the details of the events:


The soccer match for male team kicked off around 1pm on Saturday at Okija Statium. Both teams had put the ball behind the net, to see the match end in a 1-1 draw. The Akpugo teams dominated the match all through, right from the first half that saw Striker Zubez  at the 29th minute, headed in a nice cross from playmaker Lemonee.

The match continued in favour of the Akpugo team who looked strong on away ground till the 79th minute when what was said to be a false penalty was awarded to Okija team. The lines-man had raised the flag up indicating an offside, from a set piece, but the refree insisted that it was a penalty, describing that Akpugo’s defender MAYORPAX cleared the ball with hand inside the 18 yard box.

Both teams will meet in Akpugo Stadium on the 16th of June for a return leg.



The soccer match for the female teams of both side, started by 5pm. This time around it was the home team (okija) looking strong and more vibrant than the visiting (team).

Okija had dominate the match throughout and posed a serious threat to the visitors. There was barely up to 5 shots on tartget for Akpugo Team.

The match ended 2-0 in favour of the Okija team, the captain of Okija by name Chisom Sharon, scored the two goals for her team.



The end result for the soccer match  for the male between Osisatech and Elele was 1-1, same as the match between Okija and Akpugo.

For the female soccer team, elele female team, won Osisatech female team, 2-1.


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