I am totally in Support of Whatever you are about to read. It is a post gotten from a forum by One Salam Azeez, writing on his take on how Engineering students are been treated in Nigeria.


Medicine and pharmacy students are collecting around #95000 or above during NYSC while Engineering students are collecting the same money as that of other faculties whose courses are run for four years. What is the benefits an Engineering students stand to get from his five years spell on campus with extremely difficult courses he took most of which are mass failure courses, the rate at which cannot be found in other faculties? That is what I called a faulty educational policy.

The machines and tools used by both Pharmacist and medical doctors were designed by the engineers which means without the engineers the field of medicine and pharmacy cannot thrive. No Country’s development is .measured by the work of medical doctor and pharmacist per say but by their production power which is strictly engineering dependent. That explain why Nigeria and other African countries are lagging behind in technological development. No country developed by treating her engineers like the way Nigeria treats theirs.

After taking MTH 101, 102, 104, 201 and 202, EEE 201, 202, MEE 203, 204, 205 and 206 which are all mass failure courses because of their application in science and technology of which no courses in every other faculties (medicine and pharmacy excluded) can be compared with them, the government still deem it fit to pay me #19800 that he paid political science students, economics, education students, Law students, English students, dramatic art students, accounting students and other non-technology students. An ordinary non technology students of tertiary institution has never failed any course throughout his time on campus except the extremely dull ones who cannot solve simple calculations and memorise simple theories. Continuation of such policy will never yield a positive development am afraid.

China developed by absolving into their economy their fresh Engineering graduates through giving them series of projects right from their time on campus to which they would find solutions to the problems (in project form) and that would in turn becomes their field of expertise they would dwell on with the government constructing an industry to that effect. That’s how they developed.

Any country that neglect her engineering students will never taste true development. We are going to fight the useless policy until something is being done. This mediocrity has to stop.

Am advocating for a policy change. Engineering and Technology students deserves special treatment as there is no true development without engineers.

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