BASKETBALL Semi Finals Results


For the Semi-finals Of the Female Basketball Game, Caritas played against Akpugo and Elele played against Okija.

The game between Caritas and Akpugo, started with a good and promising atmosphere, with both teams, fighting hard to play in the finals. Little was it known till later into the game that Caritas fighting spirit and pressure did not come from their original campus team, but from the Machineries they bought. The officials had noticed that Caritas were using Four good Machineries, but decided to let the game end before awarding the punishment.

The game of Course, later saw Caritas Machineries winning Akpugo 41-25.

Capmhiga Officals
Pino, OBI,, and nippysky

The officials, after the game, announced the presence of machineries and then disqualified Caritas from the competition. This Automically means that Akpugo Female Basketballers will play in the Finals.

A Short While after Akpugo’s game with Caritas, Elele female Basketballers, played against their Okija Counterparts.

Elele won Okija 51- 36.  A game that always saw the odds in favor of Elele.

This means that Elele will play against Akpugo in the Finals, and then Okija automatically becomes Third Position, because Caritas was disqualified.

Akpugo female basketballers
Elele Female Basketballers
Okija Female Basketballers


Caritas Female Basketballers


Okija vs Caritas, and Akpugo vs Elele, were the fixtures for the Male Basketball Semi final games.

Okija vs Caritas played first. The game was a neat and very tough game. Seems after Okija lost to Akpugo at the qualifiers, they trained more and gather more strength for the semi-finals. Okija won Caritas 75-73. A narrow win with 2 points Difference.

Okija will play in the finals.

On Sunday, Morning after the Rain, The big game every one was waiting to see. The game between Elele and Akpugo, A game between Servants and Masters, because it was said that most of the Basketballers of Akpugo, were trained by that of  Elele who are already experienced in the game to the core.

The game started on a good note in favor of Akpugo, who had the ginger and team spirit. Elele showed their experience, and skills, equalized the game and topped Akpugo and it was as expected as usual, because elele were always seen as favorites in the game of basketball, both male and female, but this time around, Pride went before their fall.

If i be a prophet by NJANLA

Thanks to spectacular players, like CHRIS who was good with Blocking Elele Balls, OBI with his 3 pointers, and of course K.D as the captain who had to organize his team. Akpugo wowed everyone, touched the soul of its fans, more like taking away the pain of losing with a kiss on the forehead. They has a marvelous comeback, even when Elele gave them a gap of more than 10 points.

After all been said, Akpugo came out as Victors, winning the game with a 3 points difference lead. 52-49.

This means Akpugo will meet Okija for the second time in the competition at the finals.

Elele will then play Caritas for Third Place.

Okija male basketballers
Caritas Male Basketballers
Akpugo Male Basketballers


Akpugo vs Elele basketball game


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