SOCCER Semi Final Results


Caritas played against Osisatech, while Okija played against Elele, for the Female Soccer Semi Final Games.

Caritas and Osisatech, fought hard together in their match, that saw no one come out victorious after 90 minutes. The Game entered into Penalty Kick-off.  Osisatech won on Penalties 5-4.

The game between Okija and Elele started shortly after Osisatech female team were announced as finalist.  Elele Female Soccer team, did not know what hit them this time around.  Okija had pressed on, but ended goalless in the first half.

The Second half, Okija applied more pressure, although Elele played good football, they conceded 2 goals from Okija in the second half. Okija won the match 2-0.

Okija will play Osisatech in the finals, while ELele will play Caritas for Third Place.

Osiisatech Female Soccer team
Elele Female Soccer team
Okija Female Soccer team
Caritas Female Soccer Team


The first game was between Caritas and Okija. Caritas as defending Champions, had to prove their worth, and they did, after the scored a goal late into the first half, to leave Okija hopeless. The game ended 1-0.

Caritas will play in the finals for two consecutive Capmhiga.

The game between Akpugo and Elele started later on, but was interrupted by Rain, so it was postponed till after the rain which lasted till the next day.

On Sunday, the 24th of June 2018, the game continued. It was a very tough game, Elele showed experience and class, but Akpugo were too strong for them. The game ended Goalless after 90 minutes. It went to Penalty Kickoff.

Akpugo won 5-4 on Penalties. Akpugo will play Caritas in Finals, while, Elele and Okija will fight for Third Place.

Elele Male Soccer Team
Akpugo Male Soccer Team
Caritas Male Soccer Team
Okija Male Soceer Team

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