The second leg of all games, for the ongoing Capmigha, held on the 16th of june 2018. Akpugo hosted Okija while Osisatech hosted Elele. Below are the results and details.


The female soccer match between Akpugo and Okija took place in the morning. Okija had started the game with 2 goals lead already from the first leg at home. The match was of no difference as to what happened at okija. Akpugo female team were less efficient to control the okija team.

5 minutes in the first half, a mistake by Akpugo’s defender ELLA led the ball to Okija’s captain, SHARON CHISOM who passed the ball to her teammate YANKEE who finished well and found the net. Okija dominated, the first half and played Akpugo team half field. Akpugo on the other side tried their best, had good times but were unable to break through Okija’s defense.

The second half continued with pressure still from the visitors, Akpugo found it hard to equalize. CATHERINE and ESTHER who both plays volleyball for Akpugo hed been substituted in to help their campus win and equalize, but it was to nothing.

Late into the second half and close to the full time, Okija scored their second goal. GIFT is the name of the goal scorer. The match ended 2-0 in favour of Okija again, and in aggregate, 4-0.



Akpugo soccer team started off strong and played higher than expected at the first half. They were in total control of the game, from the possession, to communication, to understanding. Okija never expected it.

17 minutes into the game, Akpugo’s playmaker, LEMONEE scored a wonderful goal from a corner kick. (Unbelievable), it left everyone astonished. There was so much pressure from Akpugo. LEMONEE with the control and drives, JUSTIN with the dribble and pace, Akpugo with the ginger.

The atmosphere and gameplay were in favor of the home team till the 37 minutes when LEMONEE lobbed a pass to JUSTIN who then lobbed the ball to MICHEAL (captain) who headed the ball to ZUBEZ that finally finished the ball with another header. The half time ended AKPUGO 2 – 0 OKIJA.

The pressure and Tempo of Akpugo reduced in the second half. Early into the second half, The Okija team raised a complain of the Soccer ball being too heavy for them, and insisted that the ball be changed.

At the 65th minute Okija had a 1 on 1 attempt to score, but a wonderful save from Akpugo’s goalkeeper, Frank, kept the score line still at 2 – 0.

At the 67th minute, Akpugo’s DOCMAN got injured and had to be replaced with MACCHO.

The game continued, till the 79th minute Okija had a corner kick and a player was fouled in the 18 yard box. A penalty was awarded and Okija scored, making the scores 2-1.

The match ended APUGO 2 – 1 OKIJA, and in aggregate, AKPUGO 3 – 2 OKIJA.

SOCCER SECOND LEG: Elele vs Osisatech

FEMALE: Elele female team won Osisatech 3- 0, making it on aggregate, 5-1.

MALE: Elele male team won Osisatech 2-0, making it on aggregate 3 – 1.

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