As Soccer and Basketball where having their own competition, at the same time, volleyball took place. The first game was between the Okija and Akpugo male volleyball team. The toughest competition for the day as analyzed.

Thanks to the tactital approach from the Akpugo players, especially the coach and Captian, THEO and ANDY with their never give up spirit. Although Okija proved stubborn, but Akpugo came out victors, winning the game 3-2.

The female Volleyball game was the opposite of the male. This time around, there was no hope for Akpugo team, as it was a flawless victory. Akpugo lost 3-0. I don’t even want to talk much about this one.


The volleyball game between Osisatech and Elele, ended synonymous in scorline with that of Okija vs Ajpugo.

Both the male and female team of Osisatech won their respective games. Osisatech male won elele male, 3-2, while Osistech female won Elele female, 3-0.

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