Paylater is already a popular financial business institution in Nigeria, where by you can get loans in your time of desperate need. A business either fails or succeeds, and also gets good or bad reviews. Speaking about reviews, A Young Nigerian Man has a say about paylater.

According to Leo Amuzie:

“someone said, you need a loan… use Paylater, they make it easy and they’re good. #LieOfTheCentury 
They’re everything but good. Sure you may get the loan, but you never want to cross paths with any of their customer reps. They’re just the worst, even worse than that lady at #UBA who never smiles.

You wonder why these companies employ the worst kind of people to handle customers.
Some parts of this world, the customers are always right and treated with utmost care, patience and prudence.

But in Nigeria, it’s you the customer that is required to be humble, that’s because we consumers and customers haven’t realized that we are the backbone of these businesses.


So after the rude phone call I received from the #Paylater rep this morning (FYI; Yes I did default on my loan, but I made a part payment towards clearing It. more than 45%, but she still felt the need to call out my family, and friends, threaten me, all that was left was for her to outrightly call me stupid or mad… maybe that would have been easier to swallow.) I will do a little experiment, let us test the power of the Nigerian Consumer/Customer.

With abnormally high interest rates and not nearly enough time to repay loans #SayNoToPaylater If you like your finance and your sanity.”


I am giving them 0 stars.

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