Yes!! you Titus Babajide Egungunjobi (@TolaOAdeoye) that tweeted about Teni not being attractive. Replying to your tweets:

You like her music, why not?: If you no like am wetyn you gain!

You think she is a good musician: Please stop thinking. Teni is a very good musician anytime any day, it is not an argument.

What annoyed me is when you made mention of sex appeal. Biko bros i’m sure you are thinking of something else. Is it your sex appeal? One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I don’t see why you are so furious about her sex appeal that you have to put it up on social media….maybe just for attention who knows.

Teniola Apatha

Teni is Perfect the way she is.

If you don’t appreciate her, I very much do, so also do many you shouldn’t be an issue bro. I say shame on you and your negative vibe on someone’s body type. Go find, someone with your type of sex appeal, and stop picking on Teni because she is famous. Funny enough, She doesn’t care, but i just had to address this little nonsense in my own very small way using my very small NIPPY blog.

Thank You…and by the way.. she has a positive sex appeal.


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