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Covenant University is setting up the new OLD TRAFFORD.

Lol... Call it old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Camp nou or Santiago.. But honestly speaking, Covenant University is really up to somethsom here. I'm sure if...

WOW! New Samsung Smart TV that blends with your Wall.

What will human being not see in Technology! Samsung is at it again with a new smart Television that can blend with the design...

Coca-Cola Now To Produce Its First Alcoholic Drink

So, the news on Air now is that Most Popular Drink Comapny, CocaCola have now launched the Production of its's first Alcoholic Drink after...

Injustice To Nigerian Engineering Graduates.

I am totally in Support of Whatever you are about to read. It is a post gotten from a forum by One Salam Azeez,...

Here is what you should do when you put the wrong fuel in your...

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be compared with pouring something marked "Poison" into your body. Due to the different types of nozzles...

Attitudes, that will make you get your dream JOB.

1. Calmness: There is the temptation to be hypersensitive during interviews. Your adrenaline could betray you sometimes and make your anxiety very palpable. But...

The new Nissan Navara. What’s your take?

The Nissan Navara is built on the same platform as the Mercedes-Benz X Class and will be introduced with a 2.3 litre four-cylinder diesel...

If you can’t spend on your Gf, be ready to share her.

Lol! i did not say so. It's one beautiful Nigerian lady who posted on her timeline, passing a message to guys. "Trust that if you...

5 ways you can make N5000 a day in Nigeria.

The economy of Nigeria is becoming extremely difficult for citizens of the country to cater for their needs. Unemployment is on the increase too,...

How to check if your car plate number is original.

Some of the number plates you see on some cars are fake and not original. The reason for this is because some were unlucky to...
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