Health Alert: How to identify fake rice.

Reports from Asia has it that, China has the highest production of fake rice which they export to African countries including Nigeria. Yes, its true that this is christmas period and every family will be rushing to get a bag of rice to celebrate christmas, but while doing so please have it at the back of your mind that fake rice do exist.


7 Facts about the Human Penis.

That word "Penis" is vital and very important. Men especially don't joke with it. Infact, the most important organ after their heart and brain is the Penis. Some will even say is better to be dead than have the slighest injury or problem with their manhood.


The Dangers Of Breast Ironing.

Breast ironing is a process of getting a girl child’s “ironed” by her mother in a bid to stop them from growing so that they won’t attract male attention. It is the brutal flattening of a young girl’s developing chest to ‘protect her from rape and sexual harassment.

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