Reasons why you should never eat after 7pm.

Whenever you eat late at night it makes you vulnarable to heart attacks and strokes. According to researchers, late night meal keeps the body on ‘high alert’ when it should be winding down. Heart experts advised that adults should never eat within two hours of bedtime and ideally nothing after 7pm.


5 tips to get rid of bad breath.

I have had friends with stinky and smelly mouth, and i still do have them as friends, but the thing is i don't stay around them more often because of their bad breath. I keep my distance from them, even when i want to ask  something from them i give a distant space. The ordour that oozes out of the mouth is something else.


You will never cross your legs again after reading this.

Crossing your at the knee is a very common pose people adopt when sitting down; many of us do it automatically. This position is elegant and sexy, and often associated with being ’’feminine’’ and ’’ladylike.’’ We’ve gotten used to crossing our legs without thinking, but not too many of us know that it can have some serious consequences for our health and bodies.

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