A young woman by name India Brown has cried tears of happiness after she snared a hug with Prince Harry during his whirlwind visit to Melbourne.

India Brown was among the thousands of royal fans in the Royal Botanic Gardens hoping to a get a glimpse of the prince, whom she has been in love with since she was eight-years-old.

The lucky girl became the envy of the crowd when Prince Harry stopped and accepted her offer for a hug over the barricade.

Overcome with shock that he agreed, she immediately burst into tears. India.B. had said:

‘He is someone I have looked up to for many many years,’ Ms Brown told reporters.

‘Everything he stands for is amazing. I’ve loved that family since I was eight and I’ve followed them around the world.

She caught the eye of the prince with her handwritten sign explaining how long she had been waiting to meet him.

‘Been here since 4am. Loved you since I was eight,’ her sign read.

She told the prince she knew the hug was against protocol.

‘He just said: ‘You are going to get me into trouble’,’ Ms Brown said.

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