Hunger Forces Boko Haram Members To Repent.

Boko Haram militants began repentance  process recently after surrendering themselves voluntarily to security operatives in as community in Cameroon. According to the former militants, they became tired of the deadly terrorists sect due to hunger, hardship and the incessant killings of their members . Hence they decided to choose to drop their arms the right path.


Eko Atlantic, The New Nigeria.

Lagos is the most famous and Poplulous state in Nigeria. Everyone will love to be in Lagos where everythi9ng is happening. Lagos also happenes to be the Hub Of Celebrities both home and Abroad. A Project was set years ago to build a city known as the Eko Atlantic, a city to behold so beautiful that anyone would crave to live in it.


Billionaire Kidnapper, Evans accused police of Stealing Money From his House.

This news is funny, really. evans had the Nigerian Police accused of entering his home and made away with a huge sum of money and other properties. These allegations were contained in the petition sent to the Police Service Commission, National Assembly, the Inspector General of Police, the National Human Rights Commission, and Amnesty International.

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