Graphic photos as 3 were killed in Calabar Cult war.

Graphic photos as 3 were killed in Calabar Cult war.

In recent times, the only news that coms out from Calabar is that of cultism. Cultism seems to be the order of the day in the Niger delta state. As of tuesday 11th october, an occultic fight broke out.

It happened around 9.00pm and i wondered how a normal human was at the scene capturing all that happened and they peiople that were murdered. According to a facebook user who posted this pictures;


"There is a renewed war between various factions of cult groups. It is important to note that these activities are as a result of the coffin that was paraded round Calabar to welcome Governor Ben Ayade. The parade was sponsored by Ayade appointees. The spiritual implications of parading a coffin was explicitly talked about in my previous article titled "Ayade demonizes Cross River State".

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