TRAGIC. Woman beats her 8 months old child with belt.

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People don't have conscience at all. How can a mother do this to her own child! A woman from Atlanta had allegedly beaten her little child of 8 months with a belt. The child is now on life support, and the police says the child’s mother and her boyfriend both brutally abused her.


Man leaves twin daughters to die in his car with temperature of 90 degrees.

  • Published in world

A man from Carrolton, Texas have been charged to court for involuntory man slaughter. The man identified as Asa North was accused of being drunk as he left his 15 months old twin baby girls in his car with a degree of 90 degrees. The girls had succumbed to the heat and died. On getting himself, he rushed with his neighbors to survive the girls with water from a pool and ice but all was to no avail.

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