The Virgin Girl Attraction

The Virgin Girl Attraction

Im referring to the once upon a time virgin female. People will always say, that females get attracted to the male that dis-virgined them and will always want to be around the guy

. Is it because he is the one that took her virginity?. My answer is NO!!

Now, im not a relationship or sex expert, but its a common sense issue and reasoning. When a boy askes for sex from a virgin, if she is not attracted to him, i believe the answer is no. Girls hope im not wrong?. But, when her answer is yes, that shows the attraction. Your YES means you like him and have  an attraction to him, be it your boyfriend or your "just a friend". Thats what keeps you closer him.

Secondly, good sex is a decisive factor for the virgin girl attraction. If on having her first sex, she enjoys it, why wouldnt she want more or want to be with you?. Thats the attraction.

Lets not mistake this facts. Its not because you are her first, that makes her attracted to you. Its because she chose you to be her first and enjoyed it with you. Prove me wrong. I love to stand corrected.

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