Can a man be completely faithful to one woman?

As seen on a forum, i don't know who is trying to convince who or whether its an argument, but i felt like sharing with you. Love and faithfulness are interlocked yet so different. A man can love one woman forever even if the lady marries another man but faithfulness on the other hand I think should be gauged individually because it is premised on one's nature.


Money mistakes you make when planning your wedding.

Couples take note. This doesn't concern me for now at this point in life, but i decided to share this article to engaged readers who soon be planning a wedding. Planning a wedding is not a child’s play whether you engage a wedding planner or not. It is very challenging and demanding because it requires thorough planning and of course money.


6 reasons why many women don't want to marry.

Many modern women are not in a hurry to get into marriage. They realised that there are so many interesting things to do in life apart from starting a family.In a survey, some women expressed their opinions on marriage and explained why they would like to postpone it until they are totally okay to get into such a relationship.Here are some reasons why some women never want to marry.


Sex As A Prove Of Love.

One of the greatest headaches of many young ladies in relationship is the issue of sex. While they find themselves entangled in love, they also would not want to offend God by fornicating

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