The best and worst age to get married.

According to a study done by sociologist Nick Wolfinger at the University of Utah, couples that marry between the ages 28 and 32 are most likely to evade divorce. Reasons being that by age 28, there are less hormones that mask true feelings, there is more financial stability and there is more life experience by that age.


How to impress a girl on phone.

courtsey of a colleague, here is how to impress a girl when you are with her on the phone. Women don’t just judge guys based on looks; they’re also drawn to dudes who have a way with words. Treat each phone conversation as if it’s as important as a date, and you’ll impress a girl with your maturity and manners.


'Guys are the cause of their own problems' - Nairalander, hibicus76.

According to the female nairalander: Wonder why guys keep hammering on ladies being gold-diggers or being over demanding. This trend has been on for so long and I mean majority of ladies have always been parasitic to the male folks and the guys know about this.
But what can be expected of us when all you want from us is sex, sex and more sex? Some shallow minded guys have already made conclusions that all a girl can offer is sex and nothing else.


Never take her( love) for granted.

Don’t take a woman for granted if she is giving you too much attention. Just consider yourself lucky because maybe she loves you so much that she doesn’t want anyone else to take her place in your life. If she cries for you don’t think she is weak but consider yourself lucky that she thinks you are worth her precious tears. If she is jealous of the other women around you don’t think she is insecure but she doesn’t want to see anyone else to be in your arms. If a woman says sorry to you even though it was not her fault don’t think she fears losing you but she considers her relationship worth another chance and she doesn’t want anyone else to have your heart.


Truth about Submission in a relationship.

It's not just about a woman submitting to a man and allowing him to lead. A man also has to submit to his lady and give her the things that she desires inside of a relationship. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we feel like women should be doing that we can overlook our responsibilities as men.

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