dvc cup 2017, Madonna University, Akpugo. dvc cup 2017, Madonna University, Akpugo.

First of all, i apologhize for the delay in passing out information concerning the ongoing Deputy Vice Chancellor's Cup 2017 in Madonna Universiy, Akpugo Campus. It was due to delay in photographs and clips. 


dvc pray.JPG

DVC PROPER: The competition comprises of 6 teams, representing the departments in the campus. Mechanical, Electrical, Petroleum, Chemical, Civil, Computer and Food Science&Technology. Matches have already been played, and im going to summarize with the scores. From subsequent matches, you will get the full update.

The First match was between Civil department and Petroluem Department. A match that sparked up controversy. The match ended 1-0 in favor of Civil engineering but was later cut off and disaaproved by the LOC commitee, with reasons being that the Civil Department uses an unregistered player in the competiton. The penalty for such offence was complete BAN but the LOC had pity and let the Civil and Petroleum Department share the point, making it 1 point for each team.

eemech in action.JPGdvc1.JPGdvc.JPGeemech.JPG

The second match of the competiton was  between Electrical/Electronics Department and Mechanical department. The match ended 1-1.

The third match of the competiton was  between chemical Department and Civil Department which ended 2-0 in favor of the Civil department.

The fourth match of the competition was between Electrical/Elcetronics Department and Computer Department which was a shocker as those seen as the underdogs, Computer/FST department gave the lead witrh 2-0 halftime, but to the glory of God the second half was in favour of the Power team, Electrical/Electronics Enginnering. A match that later Ended 2-2.

The Fifth match of the Competition was between Chemical depaqrtment and Petroleum Department, which ended a goaless draw.

Below are the 2 groups of the competiton.


Civil Department, Petroleum department and Chemical Department.


Electrical/Electronic Department, Mechanical Department and Computer&FST department.


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