John Cena says Christiano Ronaldo is the only Footballer he knows.

John Cena John Cena

In a recent chat with WWE big name, John Cena, when asked  about his love for football and all oit's concern, he picked real madrid's starboy, Christiano Ronaldo as his best player.

“If I had to name some famous footballers, I would start and end with Cristiano Ronaldo. That’s it,” .
When he was asked to pick a position he would play, if he was a soccer play, he said:
“If I were to play myself, I would be on the bench because I have watched a few games, and it is a lot of running – I don’t run very well, or very far. "I could maybe go in goal but there is a lot of pressure on the goalie, because the net is so big and the goalies are so small, so it is tough to block the shots,”.

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