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Bill Gates Agrees To Pay Off Nigeria's $76M Debt.


As Nigeria’s battles on to become a polio-free country, Bill and Melinda Gates have taken an extraordinary step to give Africa’s largest economy a helping hand through their foundation. The foundation will pay off a $76 million loan taken from Japan to aid the fight against polio. The loan was taken in 2014 and repayments were due to begin this year.

The Female Sex Doll Trend.

So This Trend about female Sex dolls now on sale  for a whopping sum of N800,000, and men sees it as the end to problems with the female Gender, as there will be no quarells, for Lack of Money, Dates, Periods, Nagging and all other related issues concerning the female Human. Including complains of having a Small Dick.

Boy, Kills Bush Baby In Enugu State.

An excited Nigerian boy displayed a bush baby which he killed after a hunt in a nearby forest just as he prepared to devour it. The animal which is said to be a bush baby was nabbed and killed in a bush overnight. The young boy who couldn’t contain his excitement posed with the nocturnal primate after the kill.

Toyota Unveils Its Self-driving E-palette Delivery Pod.

The Toyota e-Palette Concept, which is currently on display at the CES convention, is a flexible, all-electric vehicle with autonomous driving that can take on various roles. Toyota's versatile study can be outfitted with purpose-built interiors depending on the user's needs, and it can fulfill different roles, from pizza delivery to ride sharing.

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