A Strategy That Helps You Use Social Media To Boost Your Startup.

A Strategy That Helps You Use Social Media To Boost Your Startup.

Ever since social media became popular, people now process information differently. The manner in which people communicate has also changed over the years. The influence that social media has is two-fold: it is both progressive and detrimental if not used well. The amount of content posted on a daily basis requires people to change the speeds at which they process information.

For one to successfully implement social media in their branding and marketing strategies, it is important to consider the unique ways, defined by the Senior Customer Success Manager of SEMALT, Artem Abgarian, that other startups have incorporated:

Powerful, engaging content

One of the best examples to use to depict how much engaging content can do for a company is the case of Magic Leap. Even before they launched their products, they had already amassed a significant number of followers on Facebook and Twitter.


They achieved this by creating viral content that was engaging, challenging, and interactive. Customers liked the company's products so much that they could not wait to see what Magic Leap had in store for them. An account of this company indicates that startups need to create content that resonates with consumer needs. These actions may garner them followers even before they officially launch their brand.

Importance of a narrative

A business needs a story that it can stick to during the launch and promotion of the brand. Successful companies that follow such a strategy are Geico, Squatty Potty, and Slippa. Each of these companies has a theme that they consider as their narrative. Businesses should remember to keep the narrative as relative as they can, to the type of business. It is easy for people on social media to associate a given narrative with a brand if the message delivered is relevant.

Strategy and goals

A social media marketer needs to put the strategy and goals of the business in perspective. By placing careful consideration on the strategy, the marketer identifies the objective of choosing a social media medium, the narrative, the entry point, the type of content and the resources it requires. A sound and solid strategy will then prompt the marketing team into coming up with the goals it intends on achieving once implementation of the campaign begins. The ultimate aim, in this case, is to raise awareness. Successful social marketing campaigns have long hours of planning and preparation put into them.


Learning from GoPro

As a well-established company, the strategy that GoPro used in social media can serve as an excellent teaching point for start-up businesses.


They made quality video content using their multi-purpose cameras and posted it on social media. The highly-engaging videos were a hit with the consumers as they associated the high quality of the promotional content, with the camera that GoPro dealt.

Listening to the audience

It is quite common for a startup business to assess the responsiveness of a targeted audience to a certain promotional strategy. The first impressions serve as a point of value reference for businesses as they provide insights into any shortcomings of the promotional content. Using the information, they then fix the problems to reduce any confusion.

CREDIT: http://rankexperience.com

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