MUST WATCH: The new ONE CORNER dance moves.


The “One Corner” dance that went viral and is stilll going viral is taking another dimension. It is a dance whereby you hold a pole or hold on to the floor and start moving your body to one corner.  One Conner is a song by Ghana artiste, Papataa, and this guys have a new move for the popular song.


No Biafra, One Nigeria.

It is too late for Nigeria to start thinking of Seperation. The South and the North Must Unite. Yes, i agree that there is some kind of Partiality going on in the Government, but let God intervene for us and let us stop this Biafra thing and live in peace and unity.


Chachi - Arabanko

Upcoming Artiste Chachi, with a trailer of his greatness into the Nigerian Music industry. The song is totally dope. To download the song, check attachments below and click on it or use the download link provided below also.

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