Madonna University Genius Of Our Time: Hand Made Wireless Controller.

Wireless Controller Setup. Wireless Controller Setup.

Genius Of Our Time, which is a technological group in the Engineering Campus of Madonna University Nigeria, is out with their latest work which is the Wireless Controller, which can control electrical applliances.


The CEO and leader of the Group Martins Obi is the brain behind this great work accompanied with other members of the GOOT.

According to martins who posted via social media about the Wireless Controller:

Its nt me bt he in me that has perfected his ways in my life. All glory to Jah.. Some weeks ago I told about my innovation that was pending, but now it's a different story. In brief, it's a WIRELESS CONTROLLER used for controlling all your electrical appliances wirelessly be it a fridge,fan, starting your generator, change over, A.C, TV e.t.c You can stay anywhere within a radii of 200-300meters to control your appliance at home or workplace. Just watch d video and also help me thank God. I love u.

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