Female British Pastor said she married her Nigerian Husband, not for love but for Money.

British Female Pastor. British Female Pastor.

It is funny how the world is changing. A woman of God from Britian who should be preachng love is doing the opposite and is not shameful to say so, while she was preaching. She said she married a Nigerian Man not for love, but for money, as she encouraged her followers to do same.

According to the preacher, she married her Nigerian husband for money and not for love and ironically, her congregation are happy and laughing sheepishly while high -five-ing her. A pastor teaching her congregation that is ok to marry for money and not love and she is bold enough to use herself as an example. What more are people looking for to convince them that this world is gone?

Have morality totally disappeared from this world? And in the churches? That a so called women of God will be making this kind of confession boldly in the church?

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