President Buhari's Son still in Coma after surgery to remove blood from his brain.

Yusuf, the first  and only son of Nigeria's President, Muhammadu Buhari who was severely injured in a motorbike accident in Gwanripa area of Abuja on Tuesday is "responding" to treatment according to Presidency sources. However, he is yet to speak to anyone because he is still in "coma", however, our source did not reveal whether his comatose state is medically induced or not.


See What President Buhari Said About Fuel Scarcity.

President of The Republic of Nigeria , Muhammad Buhari finally speaks on the scarcity if fuel situation in the  country. He assured Nigerians that the hike in price and scasity will be a thing of the past in couple of days  He however he  used his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram official handle to make this press release.

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