A Perfumed Story

Posted On August 29, 2020

Lawrence Nippysky

Up until now, I still get scolded for my inability to speak the Hausa language fluently. Having being born and brought up in Kano State.

But not withstanding, I still hold on to one thing that I love and admire about the North, “Hausa perfumes and incense.”

A meme I recently brushed through read “They say nothing lasts forever? Try Hausa perfume!”

Laughable, but to an extent true.

Precisely last month, my sister and I went to the market to purchase a few items and as fate would have it, we sighted a Hausa perfume store.

You could bet, we were excited.

We later went into the shop and after having picked one each for ourselves, we also got one for our mother.

It may sound weird to be this happy for  just a perfume but I was.

After the market, we went to a friend’s house. Along the line we showed her the perfumes. She sniffed each of the bottles, one by one to get a feel of the scent.

She then looked at mine and said

“This one doesn’t really smell nice, like a man’s perfume. It’s not nice.”

As expected I was shocked and it was clearly showing on my face.

“How could she say that?!!” I thought.

We later on left her place to our home. And still in the excitement we showed our neighbour. She sniffed the scents again and to my utmost surprise, she said the same thing

“Mirabel, your perfume is not that nice oh!. Why not exchange it with your mum’s before you give it to her.”

There opinions were depressing. I thought to myself

“Mira!, the perfume is nice joor!

Its long lasting!

Its strong fa!

They don’t understand.”

I really wanted to exchange it with my mum’s own. But I still ended up holding unto mine.

Long story short. There perfumes wore of easily, and I found them begging to use mine instead. I remember walking into places and people beside me stop, stare and throw in a compliment

“Your perfume smells nice.”

And as expected, my subconscious immediately goes

“I know right,

I told them that o!

But they wouldn’t just listen

Now they are all over me.”

Before I finally and happily voice out a “Thank you!”

The purpose for this story is simple.

Most times we come up with plans, ideas and innovations with full confidence that it’ll blow people’s minds away. But unfortunately they don’t seem to understand or even agree with the idea.

The point am trying to make here is that, “Its your dream not theirs” . Definitely they won’t be able to see what you see.

When I got that perfume, they couldn’t see the beauty I saw but later on they did.

Simply because despite the talks, I still stood my ground to keep it.

This is a practical everyday life experience.

Be your number one cheerleader.

Walk the talk. So they’ll be able to see your dream turn reality and finally grasp the purpose.

Support yourself all the way.

Lastly, Nobody sees the usefulness of Crude oil at  first until it is then refined to useful materials. The worth is then understood.

Same applies to us. Our concepts might not be understood but they’ll come around when the finished product proofs quite useful.

This article was written by Aifuobhokhan Mirabel Nneka; you can connect with her via Instragram @ _nnekawrites

Written by Lawrence Nippysky

My name is Lawrence Nippysky Osegbe. I am the CEO of Myself. I have a passion for Music, Football, Blogging and looking for trouble. Lol! Stay Tuned.

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    Once again sublime….. Thanks mira

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