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A Sad Story. The Vulture and The Child.

Many do not know, Many do not understand the sad story, Many Just assume. Well, you will never know until you are told and enlightened. If you are still confused about the sad story, this is about the Sudan famine 1993, and Kevin Carter. Most people are familiar with this picture from the South Sudan famine, but not everyone knows that the tragedy portrayed goes far beyond the photo itself, extending to the photographer, Kevin Carter. The photo of a starving girl struggling while a hungry vulture looks on patiently needs no added context to have an effect on all but the most callous of viewers. However, the details of what happened at the time and after the photograph was taken combine to make it one of the most striking and complex stories of human suffering in the modern era.

The photo you see above is a circulated photo waiting for a starving Sudanese child to die, so it can a feast. The picture was taken by Kevin Carter, A Prolific photojournalist, He won the Pulitzer prize an ‘Exceptional Caption’.

However, Kevin later got depressed and took his life four months after his worldwide celebration as a skillful photographer. He fell to depression. His Depression began when during an interview, someone asked him what happened to the child. Kevin Said:

I did not wait to see what happened after this shot, as i had a flight to catch

And the person replied:

I put it to you that there were two vultures that day; One had a camera.

This statement alone sank Kevin, as it would have done to any reasonable human being.
Now, this is the story you have read and have now believed. Besides, new writeups and stories have risen since the death of Kevin about what really happened.

What Might Be The Real Story

A Vlogger, Michael The Maven, here is a video he posted on youtube with his caption:

Kevin Carter and his Image, which has actually received different names, likely most referred to as The Vulture and the Little Girl is a photograph and story that all photographers should know about. The amount of awareness it raised, even to this day are powerfully unforgettable once you have seen it. But as we saw in the Execution in Saigon image, there is more to it than meets the eye. The fallout towards Kevin Carter while unexpected is a valuable lesson on the psychological weight such subjects have on the photographer.

Let Us be Guided Please.

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