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Change Of Mindset Equals To The Change Nigeria Needs.

Most of us pray daily and burn nights for a better life, for a positive change in our country, Nigeria, and yet no result. Instead, the situation is getting worst day by day just like the Dollar to Naira rate. Are we waiting for God to come down and contest for the Presidential seat? He will only help those who help themselves.

The Change you are looking for starts from you, and not from the person at the top. Change your mindset about everything around you. A friend of mine, during a weekly meeting, said something about this great nation, Nigeria. He said:

If America is paused for the next 1000 years, Nigeria will still not meet up to where they are right now.

A decision is made in the western world and everyone stands for it. Another decision to be made in my country and the next question that pops up is: “Where are you from?” “Are you a Muslim or a Christian?”. Just to mention a few. Let us unite as one despite religion or tribe.

It is neither the Atomic Bomb nor the Nuclear Bomb, that is the greatest weapon, but the mind. The mind is the drive that gives these manmade weapons their various functions. All I’m saying is that the mind is the greatest weapon and can be used to win and overcome any situation. Be it personal, or dealing with a multitude of people.

Adolf Hitler used the power of his Mind, You know his story. Alexander De Great, Martin Luther King, name them. They all thought of something, a possibility that this will happen, that this will be and it was. When you say I am going to do something set up your mind to do it.

We can have Multi-Billion Dollar Industries like Apple and Samsung in Nigeria. The Value of our currency can appreciate 1 Naira equals 1 Pound. We can go back to our glory days when we have pyramids of groundnuts in the North and Cocoa at the West that we export. Someone somewhere is already having doubts about this.

We have all relaxed our minds and have concluded that our country will not be better, but I fail to believe you. Let us change our Mindset Please.

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  1. marcelmikael

    Well said man

  2. Nzubechukwu

    Spoken like a true Patriot! This piece sends a string message and I hope a lot of us are willing to grasp it.

  3. Osegbe Alexander Olisaemeka

    The change of Nigeria is on the way

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