God When?

Posted On August 14, 2020

Lawrence Nippysky

The vibration in her pocket broke her reverie and alerted Lola that she had a phone message. She had just finished what was a long shift of work and was not looking forward to the course material that she had scheduled to read. Jeez! She thought I needed a break, as she stretched and yawned and reached for the vibrating phone in her pocket. Tired eyes staring blankly at the screen as she insipidly attempted to enter her pass code to unlock her phone.  Her eyes rested on the Instagram app, as she yawned loudly and languidly. With the app opened, she proceeded to scroll through her news feed. Suddenly she gasps out, and excited but hurriedly scrolls back. Alive with excitement, she comes across the video announcing a surprise birthday party. “Alas! This is what I need,” she thinks to herself. Party, after party, after party!!! yippee!!! She dances excitedly. She starts to plan her outfit and for the next few days, she can’t think of anything but the party. The days seem long as she awaits the day of the party. When it finally arrives, she dresses up in what she considered her best party outfit.

As she sauntered into the party, she observed the room beautifully lit up with disco lights flashing round. Everyone was beautifully dressed, the saxophone bellowed and the music made her giddy, or was it the glass of champagne she had just had at the entrance? She scanned the room and saw some good-looking lads, she wondered if she should make her way to them or stick with her friends?

She continued to take in the room, and observed warm laughter filling the air, rose petals scattered all over the cold floor. Her eyes rested on the unending sea of wrapped presents covering every inch of the white satin sheet. She could not believe that one person could get so many presents. Her eyes then rested on the celebrant, confident and bright, squealing in delight as she received more and more presents. As she took all this in, her life flashed before her, and all she could see was work, study and more work to make ends meet. She was not a socialite and her parents not as rich. As she thought, Lola fell into a well of deep self-pity with pangs of jealousy. She took a deep breathe and blurted out “God when?”’ “When will it be my turn?” She quickly caught herself, hoping no one had heard or observed her.

Does this imagery sound familiar?

I won’t bore you with the fact of how social media has created jealous behaviors over sugar coated falsehood. You must have heard that a thousand times already. In this article I’ll digress a little.

In February 2017, the Blackberry key one was released; sleek and cool, it was the king of the jungle. Alas, its reign was short as technology quickly evolved and ushered in the Iphone. The Iphone quickly became the new belle of the ball wooing consumers away. Presently the Samsung S20, which was stunning in its beauty and functionality are making moves to steal the show.

You notice the swiftness in changing trends in our everyday lives. Sometimes we look at that car, house, clothes, marriage, whatever you find seemingly attractive. And we cling to that picture as our utmost desire. And then you get it, maybe not all of it but a glimpse of it and then you bask in supposed contentment. The truth however is that it gets very quickly dated and becomes replaced by a new fad. And then we chase the new fad, and enter this never-ending rat race of needing to have the latest gadget and never being satisfied.

Try as you may to console yourself that “It’s still something,” someone, somewhere is not putting a limit on their vision for the future. And before you know it a new trend resurfaces. This circle will continue for as long as humanity. There will always be an upgrade. 

Don’t let your imagination tame your possibilities so you could live someone else’s past in the future.

In the twinkle of an eye, that model would vanish and its existence would only be celebrated as a retro style; nothing less, nothing more.

When next you scroll through those pages while appreciating the beauty of today’s trends always feel the need to outdo them and begin another. Always want better. As perfect and put together as anything may seem, there will always be better. Celebrate now but do not cling to them. It’s unnecessary restraint.

May our “God when?”  Never turn to “God forbid!”

This article was written by Aifuobhokhan Mirabel Nneka; you can connect with her via Instagram @ _nnekawrites

Written by Lawrence Nippysky

My name is Lawrence Nippysky Osegbe. I am the CEO of Myself. I have a passion for Music, Football, Blogging and looking for trouble. Lol! Stay Tuned.

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  1. Emmanuel Erhabor

    Really Beautiful content, this fictional Lola needs to read this!!..lol

  2. Cynthia-maris

    May our “God when” never turn to “God forbid”💜💜
    You keep dishing out amazing articles huni… Thank you 😘


    I’m touched by this article… It’s inspiring

  4. Peace Lawrence

    Amen, may it never turn to God forbid…. Keep writing it baby girl, your words are really inspiring #penaddict

  5. David Strings

    You know, generally one of the things with life is that “NOTHING LASTS FOREVER”, no matter how valuable it is. So rather than chasing a trend which would definitely not last, why don’t we rather focus on things that really matters

  6. Rose

    This article is quite relatable.. It’s nice I must say


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