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I Truely Miss You All. Karla said I’m Emotional. #eHealth4Everyone

So my friendship Karla made a post of those who made her 2019, on her WhatsApp status. Tears and laughter could only come up as I slide through the pictures she posted on her status with the chants of me saying to myself:

Ah this guy” Ah this babe that year”

well, Karla you are right: I’m only but tears and joy now.

I Miss You, Karla
I Miss you Nanle
I Miss You my Design Crew: Chima, Tofa, Success, Eric, Stephanie, Debby, Abigail every other person who sits down in the design room every office day and my dear Team lead, Amaka.

Men them, Martins, Maxwell, Paschal, Richard, Joseph WordPress, and joseph Finance,(as I call them) I love you all.

Aneikan My Man, Jeff My Main Nigga, Samson the senior Man, you guys are the main deal.

Aondofa hope you will not meet me this month for a performance report, cuz I won’t forget you bro, Jessica I see you too sitting by Aondofa’s side. Opposite, comes our fantasy premier league master, David Ayo, with “ble ble” by his side. lol, blessing don’t be pissed I called you “ble ble” again.

Uche the humble bestie, Pelumi the raspberian, Abraham the mac pro.

Ife, Meyakno, Doosuur, Divine Favour, Nana, Lotenna, Ah!!! Ministry of health wasn’t worth the movement at times without you.

Bridget the lively one, Oyinda the lovely one, Tomi, ah you just work exceptionally well, Andrea my lovely sis, Samuel the quiet one, Christian, your case is different, Micheal my competition, (but you na senior man sha),
JK, you too I see you. Vicky Vicky, We still have gist and you know that. My dear Dr. Ime , I see you too.

I don’t have much to say, and there are many I didn’t mention, but just know, NIPPY Loves You all. and for my groundnut fans, Groundnut is still selling, meet Karla to get for you.

One love, One Peace, No regrets.

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