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It’s All Over. Life After NYSC

How fast time flies. I can vividly still remember dragging my luggage into the NYSC orientation camp, Kubwa, Abuja, March 2019. I can still remember it all.

I remember platoon 7, of which I was fortunate to be part of. The overall best platoon during the 2019 batch “A” NYSC Orientation camp. Ah! shaking my head, and I am smiling, because I remember it all.

How soon can I forget the voice of Mr. Balama; shouting: “No touching, No Smooshing, No Squeezing, No kissing, No Drinking, No Smoking, Insha Allah we will make great corp members”. I am currently laughing my ass out with tears of joy, because; my guy will keep us standing under the hot sun, and we only but wonder if he doesn’t get tired of talking for 2 hours on a daily basis. just like yesterday, I remember it all.

friends from school and camp

I remember applying for a position at ehealth4everyone as an NYSC Intern, while in camp and I got accepted. That was my happiest day. I finally found a job for myself. I remember the drama, I remember the joy, I remember the sadness, I remember the friends I made, Oh! who goes to Abuja Camp and won’t know Mosquito. That guy was a friendly problem for all of us, but, I remember it all.

I remember 12 good biometrics under the sun, I remember every Wednesday going to CDS meetings, I remember the struggle for attendance, I remember the documentation, the final clearance, I remember our Passing Out Parade.

…and then, that’s when it hits you. Will I be retained?, What Next?, Wetyn Dey Occur?, How much have I been able to save this one year?

My dear, do not think about it, let’s just keep moving forward, because there is always something for us moving forward, no matter how little it is, we keep pushing, Just like this article, we will one day, look back at our past and be all smiles, because; WE REMEMBER IT ALL.

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