Posted On August 5, 2020

Lawrence Nippysky

It was yet another Friday morning. The same routine classes. Classes, classes and more classes. For the completion of our Anatomy class we were to visit the cadaver.

A cadaver is  simply a place where dead human bodies are kept for scientific research and to aid practical learning for students.

It might not sound like the fanciest thought, I mean naked dead bodies scattered all over a room but it was one event I most looked forward too that day.

The hour came and I was one of the  first in line. Some students backed down for reasons I deemed unreasonable. We were going to see dead bodies, maybe not everyday but in this profession it was certain.

We had to gear up; laboratory coat, face mask and gloves.

The bodies were preserved locally with chemicals like formalin. It really did hurt my eyes even with my glasses on.

The key story of this imagery am trying to create is  most of the dead bodies were unclaimed bodies or people who voluntary requested to be used for research which was rare.

And whether they liked it or not anyone could pop in and have a good view.

Or if they were claimed and they got buried. In a few years time the bodies will decay underneath the earth and feed the soil richly.

What if these bodies were never found?  A carnivorous animal will feast on a heavy meal.

I got to realize that whether we choose to or not, whether we object or reject, with or without our consent we are going to be giving back to society.

And you would no longer be able to cover up your flaws, mistakes or insecurities. There will be no opportunity to create the standard you want people to view you as. They’ll judge and give you no room for defence. You will no longer say”don’t look at me this way or that way!”

Now that we have the privilege of life, this wonderful gift called present why don’t we decide to give intentionally?

We have life and that’s the biggest asset. Take a look now Review, Recap and Reset. We all make mistakes, but you won’t live too long to  keep making it over and over again.

Achievements is too far off from verified Instagram accounts, staching up loads of cash to a predecessor who will squander it upon your demise or designer clothes you wear to give you an identity and without them your empty.

Did you make someone smile today?

Did someone see you and not have to pretend about their words when describing you out of fear of loosing benefits from you?

Did you help someone without an advertisement and announcement of how much of a cheerful giver you are?

Did you sing that song?

Did you say those words?

Did you support that vulnerable person without a selfish interest?

Did you see your loss as a lesson, or you are still blaming the universe for being against you?

As much as you want to live realize that someone’s growth, and revival is in a little way intertwined to your own growth. Their success is not necessarily your responsibility but you always will have that key boost and motivation they need.

Live intentionally, laugh regardless and most importantly love tirelessly. It is after all the greatest.

Why shrink yourself now when you’ll still shrink in that coffin?

Written by Lawrence Nippysky

My name is Lawrence Nippysky Osegbe. I am the CEO of Myself. I have a passion for Music, Football, Blogging and looking for trouble. Lol! Stay Tuned.

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    Why shrink yourself now, when you will still shrink in a coffin ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚… funny but a reasonable question…

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