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Tell Me What You Think About Nippysky

Yes! Exactly how you understood the title of this post. Your comments and opinions will really go a long way to develop me / nippysky and become better.

Comment on me as a person, comment on Nippysky as a brand or on both, as it suits you. What don’t you like, What do you like, How Nippy can be better.
Just know that your idea matters.

This might not seem well as a proper post, but hey, who cares!!!!. Just drop your comments i care about those.

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An Organized, driven, hardworking professional with a passion for technology and experience in website design and development using content management systems (WordPress and Joomla) and graphics, UX, and UI Design. I work alone or with a freelance team to carry out projects, depending on the specifics. I am a positive individual with good skills as well as the ability to lead, make critical decisions, and work to deadlines. Seeking to pursue every avenue to achieve a professional career.


  1. Aghaulor Oluchukwu

    Hey you’re cool, funny and good at what you do

  2. Jude

    It’s refreshing to view. I like how you arranged everything concerning the site and I can’t wait for the refreshing content you’d be publishing on the site.

  3. Oluchi

    Lawrence I’m so proud of you🤣🤣

  4. Tosin Alade

    This is great Lawrence!. Love your website and the blog keep it up

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