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There’s Something About Willingness – Chiderah Echem

Many times in life, we have opportunities come our way, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Opportunities to learn so many things we know nothing of. This brings us back to the main caption; WILLINGNESS. Are We Willing to learn?

Here is a story from my connection, Chiderah Echem.

Chiderah Echem
Chiderah Echem

One day, I had a chat with a connection on social media. Let’s call this person Dash. Dash said she wanted me to do a voice-over job for her, I was interested. The job wasn’t a big one, that’s what we get for building a Career out of Freelance. 😊 Dash, had this habit of interrupting me while I was recording. It was frustrating. After we had finished up everything, She offered to buy me lunch.

While having lunch, She told me how impressed she was with me. How I was willing to work and be punctual even when the job was not exactly a huge one, how I took corrections easily without getting irritated. I just smiled. She gave me double the amount she paid me initially and we’ve had a good relationship after then with lots of referrals. I gathered lots of transferable skills over the years and one of them was the ability to remain calm and graceful in situations that could make you flare-up.

The willingness to work in little is a test of what you would do when you’re given more.

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