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Thesensei: A New Name with a Stunning Style.

Chika Uche, otherwise known by his audience as Thesensei is a proficient creative writer and blogger. He is passionate about a number of things including spirituality, love, politics, humanity and sports. His passion for writing is peculiar and it matches the quality of his skills. He has a blog in which his qualitative and thrilling articles can be accessed. (thesensei.com.ng)

A portion from one of his articles goes thus, “Purpose is what you do that gives you inner fulfilment and satisfaction. The crazy thing is, a thousand-dollar meal won’t give you as much satisfaction as a step towards fulfilling your purpose will. Purpose is why you’re made (you figured that already, I guess). Ever heard the word goal? Dream? Aspirations? They all mean purpose in my context. As the child grows, he finds out what he’s good at and desires to become. Messi could play football ably as a kid, maybe Donald Trump could make fellow kids cry as a kid, something like that; our purpose or goals are different.” (https://thesensei.com.ng/made-for-more-living-with-purpose/)

Making an impact through writing is undoubtedly what thesensei is called to do. His debut novel is an absolute thriller. Nobody would intentionally decide to miss out from it. I’m Not Dead Yet is a suspense-filled story of intriguing love and a challenging forgiveness that begins with a joyful walk from the cinema that takes two young lads in their prime to different places, leaving their families clueless and grief-stricken.

Benita, Obi’s sister soon recovers and returns to her unfinished project in school. Theresa, a young faithful Catholic girl, dedicated to her studies, while paying full allegiance to her father who upholds high religious standards for every member of the Akowe family, is uncontrollably swept off her feet.

In 2015, the year of her graduation, the strength of her moral and religious character faces opposition from a tempest. She single-handedly follows what her juvenile heart yearns for in the storm that puts the repercussions of her feats out of sight.

For the next three years, she carries what she believes to be a weapon, but is indeed a yoke, drawing her conceptual-self closer to biting the dust. With the weapon of hate for the male gender, she keeps up the fight until she stumbles upon a certain young man.

Connect with the author, website: thesensei.com.ng IG:thesensei1 Twitter: thesensei____

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An Organized, driven, hardworking professional with a passion for technology and experience in website design and development using content management systems (WordPress and Joomla) and graphics, UX, and UI Design. I work alone or with a freelance team to carry out projects, depending on the specifics. I am a positive individual with good skills as well as the ability to lead, make critical decisions, and work to deadlines. Seeking to pursue every avenue to achieve a professional career.

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