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What I Failed To Fulfill In The Last 360 Days

Don’t laugh at me or judge me after reading this post. Are we humans being right? We set goals and make promises, and yet still do not keep to them or achieve them.

Anyways, Like Christiana Perri will say:
“I’m Only Human”

For my fellow Corps Members, Remeber, when we started service and did the whole mathematics and accounting, that we gonna save a particular amount of money by the end of the year?

Well, Last Last, Major Scam Alert!!! It is more like before the Alawee drops into my account, it diverts to different locations already.

Secondly, I Promised myself that I am going to learn the Python Programming language this year, We have 5 days, to the end of the year already, and I have not even stated at all. I blame it on busy schedules though.

This One I am about to write now pains me. Where is Michael Onyekwere? Get In Here ASAP.
So I had this wonderful business idea with Mike that had the capacity to change our level, You Know! We both had shared the task relating to the development of our business idea.

Work had started, Social Media Pages created, with an email account too. Web Development for the site too had started. we gave ourselves a deadline of October ending, to have this business registered and running.

My people, today is the 25th of December and nothing fall out. What a mess. I have no joy as I write this thing, as I am writing this I am in pains.

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