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What’s Your Shoe Size?

I’d like to tell remind you of a familiar story, a fairytale I’m quite sure you’d know better than I do. One that has been retold a thousand times in a thousand ways but the key characters still remain constant: a bright and charismatic young girl who looses her parents through a car accident and is left under the care of her stepmother  and two step sisters. She ends up being maltreated by her stepmother and sisters until her Godmother reaches out and magically rebrands her to attend the royal ball. She goes undercover after being denied attendance by her stepmother, captivates the heart of the Prince with just one dance but abruptly runs off so as to meet up with the deadline given to her by her Fairy Godmother. In the midst of the hurry she leaves one of her glass shoes behind.

Later on, the prince becomes restless after the incident and orders his servants to go in search of the mystery girl  with the one glass shoe. Foot after foot after foot until Cinderella effortlessly slides in her foot. Yes! It did fit perfectly. “And she lived happily ever after.”

Today, It’s not Cinderella I’m drawing you towards. Nope! Maybe some other time.  Rather it’s her two vicious stepsisters.

Yes! The perceived desperate underdogs. Those ones.

I recently tried to walk in the minds of  the thousand and one girls who shoved their greasy foot into that shoe one after the other, knowing fully well that it wasn’t theirs.

I  concluded that it  had to be the benefits attached to finding the mystery girl that drove them into that failed mission. Marriage to a Charming Prince bringing about a drastic change in a generation- from Pauper to Princess.

I mean who wouldn’t want that? I know I would.

Let’s tell ourselves the truth, a lot of us are guilty of being Cinderellas step sisters.

You get to see the beeping red signal towards that relationship, friendship, business, location, educational pursuit…Whatever decision you can think of, you name it. But unfortunately your partial colour blindness comes into the scenario and instead of red you perceive it as pink.

And speaking of coincidence, pink just happens to be your favourite colour. So what more conviction is there to seek, you ask yourself.

In no time, the blindness brings you to a halt in a ditch that would have been easily maneuvered.

Don’t try to force it because it seems available. That sugar sometimes looks like salt doesn’t make it so.

If it’s yours, it’s yours.

If it isn’t, it’ll be difficult  to let go but holding on would never change the fact. It’ll fizzle out right in front of you.

Quit trying to squeeze in and let your feet breathe.

There’s a perfect fit for you. Heels, sneakers or flats? You choose.

There!…That’s your size!

This article was written by Aifuobhokhan Mirabel Nneka; you can connect with her via Instragram @ _nnekawrites

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    I’m soo proud!!! ♥️

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