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Your Relationship, Is Not Your Security.

Trust Me! It is not even an accomplishment in the first place. I use to be a victim of peer pressure. I had friends of both genders, who were either dating each other from our so-called “friendship group” or dating a third party, but the fact that they were in a relationship and I was not. I kept wondering to myself if these humans are supernatural. I can have my girlfriend and be in a relationship too if I want to. Mumu me, I went in search of a girlfriend. Lol! you can call it being desperate. For the record, no bad blood, shades or awkwardness towards anyone whom our paths have intertwined in the name of a relationship.

you see that phrase called PEER PRESSURE, just work with the positives and sieve out the negatives, it can ruin you, especially when it comes to the topic of today, RELATIONSHIPS. That you are single does not make you less inferior, it does not make you less good than your friends who are in a happy relationship. Should we start talking about that hot babe who has all the boys around her or the cute guy dating two or three girls at the same time in your class? Just until recently did I even realize that there is this sweet happy sense of freedom and wholeness that comes with being single. Don’t take it the wrong way though.

We all enter relationships for different reasons, It’s not a matter of “Oh yes! I am in a relationship” or “my guy is this my girl is that”. Blah Blah Blah.
What about you? WHAT ARE YOU? ARE YOU EVEN HAPPY WHERE YOU ARE? Listen to this very short video with a message from my friend, Karla.

Karla, On Relationships.

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